How it Works

Receipt of Emergency Call

An Heli Excel Air Rescue services subscriber or a relative, friend or well wisher makes a call to our Emergency Call Centre and provides primary information regarding the emergency.
  • ¬†Establish Subscribers Credentials
  • ¬†Location and Landmark
  • Type of Emergency

First Aid Advice

The Emergency Call Centre dispatch shall assess the medical emergency by asking Cardinal, Probing Questions and provide On Call First Aid Advice to the Patient/Caller till the Medical help arrives.

Assessment of Transport Requirements

The Emergency Call Centre will approve the mode of Transportation (Ground and/or Air Ambulance) and dispatch transportation accordingly

Admission into Nearest Stabilization Centre

Ground ambulance where available will provide onsite primary medical care then transport the Patient to the Nearest Stabilization Centre to preserve the Golden Hour. Note: Air Access Only will receive the same level of care by Flight Doctors and Paramedics using the Air Ambulance.

Ground Ambulance to Safe Landing Zone

Ground Ambulance Transfers the Patient once Stabilized to the predetermined Safe Helicopter Landing Zone.

Air Ambulance Transport

Air Ambulance transports the Patient to the Predetermined Destination Safe Landing Zone for the Nearest Appropriate Care Hospital while providing on route Care.

Ground Ambulance Transfer to Hospital

If landing at the Predetermined Hospital is not an option Ground Ambulance will transport the Patient to the Predetermined Destination Hospital.