1How did the HEMS program start in Kurdistan?
Heli-Excel International has met with many Ministers of the Kurdistan Regional Government, IOC’s, NGO’s and the local people of Kurdistan to best get an idea of what initial helicopter services are urgently needed in the Kurdistan Region; unanimously it was the need for Helicopter Emergency Medical Services. We also recognized that this service would need to be affordable and available to everyone in Kurdistan.
2How much is the membership/subscription Fee and what is the term of the subscription?
Please go to Subscription Plans for plan costs. The term of the subscription is for one year upon full payment. All subscriptions must be paid in full for the one year term to be in effect.
3If my children are residing at different locations, will they be a part of the Family Subscription?
Yes, as long as they are within the boundaries of the coverage area.
4What benefits will I receive as a H.E.AR. subscriber and what extra do I have to pay for the service other than the subscription fee?
As a H.E.A.R. subscriber you will be covered for the following:
  • Emergency Ground Ambulance Transport
  • Emergency Air Ambulance Transport
  • Initial Stabilization
  • Organ Transport for Subscriber
  • Emergency medicine Transport
5As a H.E.A.R. subscriber you shall be entitled to the following benefits:
Any number of transfers up to 5 Hours of Emergency Air Transport and a combined cover up to 10 hours for stabilization and Emergency Ground Ambulance Service within the subscription period, in the event of an Emergency.
Subscriptions are valid in the Kurdistan Region ensuring that you, your family and your employees are covered even on business or leisure holidays. Communication, Care and Transport Protocols ensure that appropriate and quick prompt response including choice of Emergency Air or Ground Transport. As a subscriber, you get the benefit of a Complete Cashless Transaction for Emergency Medical Transportation.
This ensures that when Time is of the Essence, it is important that the Financial Transactions do not compromise the actual Emergency situation which requires Immediate Attention.
6What is the definition of a family?
Family= Husband + Wife + Child 1 + Child 2
Children shall be under the age of 18 years of age.
Additional family members living at the same address can be added for an additional fee.
7Without a subscription can we access the HEMS service?
Yes, depending on the availability of the service and with approved payment prior to use of the service based on charter rates (H.E.A.R. charter rate, 8,000.00 per/hr).


1What is included in my subscription?
Emergency Ground Transport to the nearest Appropriate Medical Facility and Stabilization.
  • Emergency Air Transport to the Nearest Appropriate medical Facility for cases that are Triaged according to Life threatening or other Medical Emergency Situations leading to permanent disability/death of the subscriber.
  • Trained Medical Crew inside the Air Ambulance to provide Stabilization and Monitoring till the patient reaches the appropriate Medical Care Facility.
  • Access to Operations Call Centre consisting of Trained Paramedics, Doctors and Operations Executives to plan, prioritize and monitor an Emergency Air Ambulance Transport from the time of pick up till the successful handover to the Medical Care Facility.
  • Emergency Air Ambulance Operation which can operate from Dawn to Dusk (daylight only). (24 hour VFR coverage coming soon)
  • One Emergency Number for direct access at the time of the Emergency.
  • ID cards on becoming a subscriber.
2Is there a special package for the old age living separately?
Anyone, up to the age of 70 years can subscribe to our existing package. Health history needs to be provided for the individuals before a conformation of subscription.
3Can I transfer my subscription to anyone in the family who is in an emergency situation?
No, subscription transfers are not allowed.
4Are there any tax benefits for the subscription?
No, not at this time.
5Is there a limit to the number of transports a subscriber can avail in a year?
a. Emergency Air Ambulance usage allows for any number of trips if the total flying does not exceed 5 hours.
b. Up to 10 hours for initial stabilization and Emergency Ground Ambulance usage in a year. combined limit.
6Do you cover any specific Critical Medical conditions/diseases?
Our service is providing Rapid Transport and pre-hospital care for any Medical Emergency and Trauma. However, pre-existing Medical conditions need to be declared by the subscriber while applying for the subscription.
7Will you provide any additional health checkups?
8Do I get multiple Services until I’m cured?
No, the service of Emergency Ground Ambulance, Stabilization and Air Ambulance is till we transfer the patient to a Medical care Facility and doesn’t cover till the time of cure. However, as a result of the diagnosis, if the patient requires an Organ or Special Medication which is available within the area of operations, the Air Ambulance is activated for for this also, provided it is within the overall limit of 5 hours of usage.


1What is the number I need to contact in case of an Emergency?
2What kind of help can I expect when I call and what is the procedure after the receipt of my Emergency call?
The Emergency Dispatcher on call will assess the condition of the patient by asking a set of relevant questions to the caller. Based on the assessment they will guide the caller regarding the immediate steps to be taken with regards to the patient. If required they will consult with a doctor to better determine the steps needed regarding the Emergency.
Once the need for Emergency Transport is determined then Emergency Air and/or Emergency Ground Transport will be activated.
3Under what circumstances should I reach out to your Emergency number?
We are an Emergency transport service available for Life Threatening, critically ill, potential loss of limb or dismemberment and severe trauma.
4Is your Emergency Number restricted to only subscribers or will it be public?
Our Emergency Number is for subscribers only.
5What language will be known to your agents that receive the call?
We are capable of communicating in English, Kurdish and Arabic.
6Where is the call centre located?
The call centre is located at the LST facility in Erbil.


1How will I be identified as a H.E.A.R. subscriber?
All subscribers will be issued an identification card with a identification number that can be quoted during the call.
2Should I carry my membership card with me at all times?
Yes, it is advised to ensure that quick subscription identification can be determined. We also suggest informing family and friends you may frequently attend or travel with of your subscription so that they can identify you to Emergency Personnel as a H.E.A.R. subscriber.
3What happens if I forget to carry my ID card? Will you be able to identify me?
No. We cannot easily identify you with out the ID card. However if someone at the site states you are a subscriber we can use other options such as name, mobil number, email and address to help identify you.
4I am a backpacker and frequently travel to remote locations like forests and mountains. How will your service help me if I am at a remote location?
Once we receive the call of the emergency and the location we will land at the closest suitable landing area to do a Emergency Air Transport.
5If I have a family subscription for 4 and in case of an accident where all of us are hurt, how will you operate?
We will send a combination of Ground Ambulance, additional Paramedics and the Emergency Air Ambulance depending on the number of patients that need to be treated. Depending on the condition of the patient(s), as assessed by the paramedics on call, priorities will be assigned for transport as per Triage Protocols.
6What happens when you take me to a hospital that I cannot afford, without my consent?
The service envisages a cashless benefit (within limits) for using the Ground Ambulance support, local initial stabilization and the use of Emergency Air Ambulance to travel to the nearest Definitive Care Facility.
During the subscription we also collect details of your health insurance cover, if any and we endeavour to take you to a Medical Care Facility which is covered by your Health Insurance on a best effort basis. Our focus is to ensure that you are transferred to an immediate Health Care Centre as soon as possible.
If the subscriber does not carry any Health Insurance, then we will transfer him/her to the nearest Health Care Centre. The cost of the treatment will have to be borne by the subscriber.
7If you receive multiple calls how will you prioritize your service?
Priority is based on a first-call-first-serve basis, after applying Triage Protocols.
8What are the legal consequences you face, if you do not attend to my emergency on time?
We are using the fastest mode of transport currently available. Our Team is fully equipped to handle any emergency, and the time to reach the destination depends on many parameters such as the distance, the location, the terrain, weather conditions, approval for the Iraqi Civil Aviation Authority (control the airspace over Kurdistan), etc. Our services will be delivered on a best effort basis and we are not responsible for the outcome of the patients condition.
9If I am a member and end up being transported by any other Ground Ambulance or Air Ambulance who is responsible for the bill?
Such claims are outside the purview of Heli Excel Air Rescue service.
10Will you be able to take the patient to his or her families choice of hospital?
Our goal is to save life. Our Protocol is to first Stabilize the Patient and take him/her to the nearest Medical Care Centre, which is equipped to address the condition. If your choice of hospital falls under our Protocol, addresses the condition of the patient and is the nearest, we shall take you to the hospital of your choice.


1What areas do you cover?
Our services cover all areas within the Kurdistan borders.
2Under what circumstances is air transport not available?
  • During bad weather conditions, considering the safety of the operation and the crew onboard, the pilot makes the final decision to abort a mission at any time.
  • During scheduled maintenance of the helicopters or during any major breakdown, HEMS will not operate.
  • Entering any restricted air space/region HEMS will not be taking off until we obtain the required permission. The Iraqi Civil Aviation Authority controls the airspace over Kurdistan and their permission is required prior to each flight.
  • H.E.A.R. will not respond to areas of active war or hostility.
  • No Flights during night time conditions or that will end in night time conditions.Currently we are restricted to day Visual Flight Rules (Daytime only) Dawn to Dusk.
However, under all the above conditions, our Ground Ambulance and stabilization services will be actively used.

Emergency Air Ambulance Transport related:

1Under what conditions would I be transported by Emergency Air Ambulance?
The Emergency Call Centre dispatch will assess and establish the need to transport by Emergency Air Ambulance in an Emergency. A doctor may be consulted to establish the need of the Emergency Air Ambulance. Our Emergency Air Ambulance transport is designed to prevent Loss of Life, Loss of Limb, permanent dismemberment and critical illness.
2Can I be accompanied by a family member in the Emergency Air Ambulance?
No. Family members are not allowed during Air Transport. However, in special Neo-Natal/ Paediatric transfers the Mother, may be allowed to travel on the advice of the Flight Doctor.
3Do you transfer the demised, enrolled in the subscription from a hospital to the home destination?
4What is the course of action when a patient dies on board? What if the subscriber dies in transit?
In the case of death on board we will either reach the destination or origin depending on the nearest airport and the body will be handed over to the referring or receiving hospital, whichever is nearer. The H.E.A.R. service ends here.
5Where are your helicopters positioned?
Initially our helicopter will be based out of Erbil as it is centrally located to best serve the Kurdistan Region. Future expansion will be basing helicopters at Sulaymaniyah and Duhok.


1What hospital will I be taken to?
Our goal is to save life. Our Protocol is to first Stabilize the Patient and take him/her to the nearest Medical Care Centre, which is equipped to address the condition. If your choice of hospital falls under our Protocol, addresses the condition of the patient and is the nearest, we shall take you to the hospital of your choice.
2Will you provide a list of the hospitals and their locations?
Yes, we can provide this the list of hospitals we are associated with.


1What extra do I have to pay for the service other than the membership fee?
No extra charges are payable. The complete gamut of services including First Aid Advice, Ground Ambulance (if required), Stabilization and the Emergency Air Ambulance are covered. the cost of the Hospital after initial stabilization, whether continued in the same hospital or any other hospital will not be covered. The only time extra payment will be required is if your transport falls outside the included hours and cost of annual transport.

Payment during emergency related situations:

1Will I have to pay for the essential drugs use in Emergency Air Transport?
Drugs required for Medical Emergencies or used for stabilization and during transportation are included in the cost of the subscription and there will be No Additional Charges to the patient.
2Is the H.E.A.R. subscription the same as an insurance policy?
No we are not an insurance company. A subscription is not an insurance policy and cannot be considered as a secondary insurance coverage or as supplemental coverage to any insurance policy. Membership provides end-to-end Emergency Response services until admission into a Health Care facility
3Do any insurance companies cover this service?
No, not at this time.